6 Reasons to Shop Small in 2020

You might have seen the social media post that recently went viral about a real live person doing a little happy dance every time they get your order. The small entrepreneur’s secret revealed - it is actually true! By supporting small business, you are helping people fulfil their dreams. Sounds good? Here are other 5 good reasons why you should shop small this and in the upcoming years.
1. Spreading Love. As a customer, it feels great to know that you are helping real people, maybe even people you know personally. You are helping to support their families and their dreams by shopping small. Independent businesses are run by people – not by stockholders or algorithms.
2. Uniqueness. At small shops and boutiques you can find things you wouldn’t otherwise find in the supermarket or shopping centre. “Independent business bring originality and variety in a world that’s becoming increasingly homogenized.” – Craig Costello
3. Quality. Small businesses provide the feeling that a real person is behind it, someone who cares more about giving you a great quality product or service often at better prices too.
4. Supporting entrepreneurship. By shopping in a small shop you foster economic innovation and prosperity. Small businesses can be quick to react to what is happening in the market as generally they are both designer and maker, so feedback can be responded to promptly, new products tested and bought out quickly.
5. The personal experience. The personalised customer service behavior is found more with small local businesses than with larger corporations who only see you as another nameless customer with a bank account. Plus, the expertise and passion exhibited translates to helping customers find exactly what they need. No one knows the business better than the owner.
6. Responsive to feedback. Eager-to-please small business owners listen to customer demands. If a particular item is popular, they’ll always have it in stock, or even source a new item if it’s requested. The whole process is more approachable too, as if you ever have a question or concern about your purchase, the chances of speaking to the owner are high – a perk that major retailers simply can’t compete with.

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