With Christmas around the corner, the busy shopping period is now getting into full swing. As small business owners ourselves we thought that we would share with you our guide to an independent Christmas.
There is this picture going viral on Social Media, about how instead of lining a CEO’s pockets of a multi-millions pound company, we could choose to buy from someone who would do a little happy dance in their kitchen when they receive our order. Apparently, British families spend an average £300 on Christmas gifts. How about doing a good deed this year and spending at least part of the amount, shopping small? It’s time to appreciate quality, transparency and simplicity.
Make My Wonderland
Inspired by nature, beautiful, hand-painted porcelain, unique slices of wood or lovely cushions. Everything touched with a magic wand and enchanted with a magic spell.
Our personal favourite is a Moon Child mug – we love the design, we love the size!
Kasia, the owner of Make My Wonderland, use only Polish materials so when you shop at Make My Wonderland you support Polish entrepreneurs!
Wood Temple
Wood Temple is all about love and respect for nature, universe and sustainable design. Their handmade constellation pictures are created from wastes of wood found in forest. Made with a great precision, this excellent quality products will fit beautifully into a modern, eco-friendly interior.
Lush Botanicals
“Imagine a world of skincare that is clean, natural and untouched by chemical additives, without preservatives, synthetic ingredients and toxins. A realm, where only natural, indigenous and precious ingredients are used, nourishing and moisturising the skin, giving it a healthy glow. This is the universe of natural cosmetics created by Lush Botanicals.”
We had a chance to use their skincare and the cosmetics do not only have beautiful smell and texture, but they really work too! The skin is left moisturized and radiant. And we are also fans of their glass packaging.
A Polish brand offering simple, yet beautiful high-quality products inspired by the colours of the sea. Linen clothes, minimalistic jewellery and aesthetic ceramics. All products are handmade and traded fairly.
HopDesign makes the best quality home textiles. As they state on their website, they have been always dreaming about the future of durable products made of natural materials considering the environment. Their goods are manufactured locally in Poland. We love their Graphic Collection line of bedding made of satin weaved 100% cotton. It combines a great design, production ethics and incredibly soft materials, comfortable to sleep in.
They are just a few brands of many we absolutely love and support. Of course, we still believe, our products are perfect Christmas present choices too.  And don’t forget that Christmas doesn’t necessarily have to be all about material presents. We love receiving experiences, courses, treatments and something that seems to be in deficit recently – time!

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