I absolutely love museum gift shops in London and a bit embarrassing as it might sound, they can be sometimes the main purpose of my visit in the museum. They are always striking and creatively stocked and it’s easy to lose a few hours among the great selection of books and unusual and captivating products.
During one of my recent visits in V&A shop, I discovered the rCUP - the world’s first reusable coffee cup made from used paper cups. Struggling to find a good travel mug that is both functional and eco-friendly, I was intrigued straight away. Especially that I am on a special mission to reduce plastic in our household to minimum.
I am glad that more and more people realise single-use plastic is a huge problem nowadays. Despite looking like they’re made of cardboard, 99 per cent of disposable coffee cups, are not recyclable and every minute over one million cups end up in landfills globally. By switching to the rCUP, these used cups will no longer go into landfill and instead will contribute directly to the manufacture of new products. The company promise that the rCUP will last for at least 10 years use and is 100% recyclable. They are also free from BPA and phthalates, chemicals commonly used to make food storage containers that can inadvertently leach harmful toxins.
The rCUP was created by ashortwalk – the award-winning design company, that makes lots of unique products through recycling. The team of specialist recycling experts came up with a coffee cup that doesn’t leak, keeps your drink hot or cold and can be picked up without scalding your hand. With an innovative 360° drinking design you can feel like drinking from a normal cup. Sustainable, economical and great to use. Have we just found a perfect travel mug?

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