Hello people!

Are you aware of how much time we daily spend on exploring the infinite internet? Scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms without having a specific purpose? Our google-based research returned with the result… it's statistically 3-5 hours! That’s a whole lot of time, isn't it? We also spend lots of time surfing the Internet, searching for various content. However, the core of our search oscillates around the ideas of slow life and eco-living. 

We would love to share with you a sneak peak of our work, lifestyle, ideas and solutions for a new, better and healthier world. As we are a group of friends bonded around similar googled keywords, we decided to make a series of articles :).  Although,each of us lives in a different place, we do live in a similar way. Our goal is to be independent, live responsibly, breathe clean air and be surrounded by nature. Work-life balance and wellbeing are our postulates. This attitude is spreading, the global awareness is making a quantum progression :) 

Each and every step leaves a footprint so let's share some world-curing solutions, which might not be global, but what can influence macro-perspective better than mindful and systematic micro-efforts? Let's take care of our surroundings, after all it's our home!

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