You have just read another article about global warming, watched a documentary on Netflix about endangered animals and your colleague cannot stop talking about the effects of rainforest deforestation on our climate. You would like to incorporate some changes into your lifestyle to help save the planet, but you are not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions for changing your personal habits to make a fruitful impact.
  • Prepare a zero waste dinner once a week. Going completely zero waste might sound daunting and as an impossible task to accomplish. Start with little steps and try to cook one zero waste meal a week.
  • Stop using balloons. They may be beautiful to watch float up in the air, but balloons harm wildlife. When they finally descend, 70% of the time they end up in the ocean. Animals both on land and in the oceans frequently mistake deflated balloons for food.
  • Ditch single-use tea bags. Buy bulk loose-leaf tea and a tea ball instead. Same tea, less packaging!
  • Reduce red meat consumption. Meat production is placing a massive strain on the environment since it requires approximately 6800 litres of water to produce just a half kilogram of meat!
  • Buy recycled products. You may already be a master of recycling, but you can help to close the cycle by purchasing things made from recycled items too!

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